Monday, June 17, 2013

Recent Concerts / Summer 2013


     Several of us went to the Rowan Public Library on Thursday, May 23 to hear Wayne Henderson & Friends perform.   It was Wayne's second time at the library.  Some of us were privileged to hear him at both performances.  These concerts are provided free by the Friends of Rowan Public LibraryWayne is an amazing bluegrass picker and guitar maker.  He once custom made an acoustic guitar for Eric Clapton.  Wayne is from Virginia and hosts his own bluegrass festival every summer. 

Muriel Anderson recently in Charlotte
    We tried to get a group together to go hear amazing guitarist Muriel Anderson while she was in Charlotte NC in June, but did not get enough response.  You should go to her website at  to hear some of her amazing music. Look for the "CHECK OUT SOME NEW TRACKS" link and some 30-second previews from her past albums are available at her Store page.  She was the first female to win the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship.   Muriel has recorded with many world-famous guitarists, including Chet Atkins and Phil Keaggy.  She also hosts the annual All-Star Guitar Night in Nashville.