Thursday, July 18, 2013

Muriel Anderson / In Concert

Muriel Anderson -- In Concert
Sunday, Aug 4th @ 7pm
St. Patrick's Episcopal Church
201 Fairview Road
Mooresville, NC
Admission: $15 /Adults -- $10 /Students

  Muriel Anderson is what I consider a world-class guitarist.  She has toured extensively, recorded many albums, and is the hostess for the annual Nashville event "THE ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT".  I have listened to her on CD and via YouTube, but have never had the privilege of hearing her "Live In Concert".   

  She was just in Charlotte in June, and we missed that opportunity to hear her {see below post}. I had no idea that she would return to NC so soon.  But one of my guitar students told me earlier this week that she was going to be here again.

  Who is "up" for a great concert ?  REPLY to me and let's get a group organized to go !